• galvanized spiral wire
  • for sealing meters
  • combination of 2 wires

The wire consists of a centre core wire and an outer winding-wire, which is spirally lashed around the inner core wire providing an excellent thread type grip to prevent slippage or removal.

Sealing wire is required for any sealing application with sealing press and lead seals (lead seals, plastic lead seals, aluminium lead seals).

Sealing wire in our sales portfolio is a spiralized sealing wire with two wires combined in diameters :

Ø 0.5/0.3

Ø 0.3/0.3

Ø 0.25/0.25

The galvanized spiralized wire has very positive properties, especially regarding the durability and fixation with in the lead seal.

The sealing wire is available :

on reel of 1kg or on reel of 100m for diameter Ø 0.5/0.3

on reel of 670m for diameter Ø 0.3/0.3

on reel of 100m for diameter Ø 0.25/0.25 (especially suitable for fire extinguishers, among other things)

Technical Data

Galvanized spiral sealing wire is available in next diameters :
Ø 0,50/0,30 – on reels of 1kg or on reels of 100m

Ø 0,30/0,30 – on reels of 670m

– wire is available on reels of 1kg or on reels of 100m

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