• user friendly & easy removal
  • consists of 1 part
  • made of high grade plastic
  • locking system for quick application
  • destructs when removed
  • writable tag area
  • laser marking as additional protection

Security seal tag ties are designed as self-locking. They are used to prevent unauthorized access and manipulations.

They have a very effective hardened steel collet of unique design with the optimal number of petals and a cap which allows to control integrity of the collet when locked. The seals have a limited opening angel of the petals of the collet. Reinforced cap reliably protects locking mechanism.

High-quality pull trough seals are easy to use and they provide an extra layer of security with minimal hassle.

The seals provides the highest level of protection and additional protection is provided by the possibility of marking the seal ties at the request of the client.

They are available in wide range of colors and they have a wide range of use.

Technical Data

– material polypropylene
– overall length 300 mm
– universal tag 75×28 mm
– standard color : blue, yellow, white, green, red
– disposable product
– customized company logo, company name, serial number, bar code or text

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Security seal tag ties