• pulse modules with 2 outputs
  • EMERIS radio module
  • M-Bus module acc. to EN13757
  • integrated forward and backflow detection
  • non-reactive and temper-resistant

PR6 and PR7 pulsers are both easy and quick to fit to pre-equipped Elster water meters.

The PR6/PR7 pulsers are suitable for use with most data loggers, radio end points and counters. All outputs are open collector.

Technical Data

Power Source DC 3.6V Lithium battery or external DC 3.6V power supply (the external connected circuits must be separated by reinforced or double insulation from main supply).
Environment Indoor or outdoor use, fixed on the water meter or register
IP Class IP 68
Operating Temperature -15°C to +70°C
Humidity Range Up to 100% RH
Pollution Degree III

Voltage 30 Volt max
Sink Current 30 mA max
Pulse rate 75 Hz max (meter dependant)
Pulse width
PR6 K:1 outputs 80 ms
PR7 K:1 outputs 10 ms
All other outputs are 100ms

Download PDF

PR6_PR7 Product specification

PR6_PR7 Wiring Elster’s Inductive Output Pulsers

PR6_PR7 Falcon communication modules